The Story of Fox Supply


I love vintage and recycled fashion and I have dedicated the last decade to cultivating that love. Half way through the years I started picking up beautiful clothes in other sizes (small shopping addiction.....okay, large addiction). I would constantly think, "I have to save this article of clothing, it hasn't even been's what it's not my size...or gender? lol I can give it as a gift later or wear it if I get bigger." Well....I never got bigger....but the clothing did. Like the blob from horror movies long past, it grew into a room eating monster. 


I maintain a collection of over 4,000 vintage pieces and growing, not counting my private personal collection (weird flex).

I have also collected countless current fashion items. Fox Supply started because I decided it was time to share all of these beautiful clothes with wonderful people who could actually wear and appreciate them. I still collect new pieces everyday. Addictions die hard. At least it's not crack.

With a lot of time and understanding, I help share the Recycled and Vintage by Fox Collections with the world. I am also working on hand selecting some amazing 2019 merchandise for the site. So we can have New, Recycled, and Vintage conveniently located in one place. Honestly, when I think back on the whole thing...I think that the clothes collecting was just me not wanting to see something that was once so loved and important to someone tossed away like it wasn't still valuable and important (This conversation just got way to real.....overshare). But I want you guys to understand where I was coming from, and where these clothes are coming from. It's a good place. They are beautiful and just as perfect as the day they were made, and they are loved. 


So stay tuned if you have an interest, I'll be cranking out clothing from my collections everyday and blasting it all over social media. I care a lot about people and clothes. Hit me up if you have questions about vintage, or life (everyone needs a friend, I don't mind being there for a stranger who really needs someone to talk to in a pinch). Oh, and check out my store. I know you will fall in love too.